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L'Artigiano del Pane. When passion meets the value of time.

Princi Milano wheat pattern

Princi has been synonymous with quality, artisan know-how and authenticity since 1986.

From Italy to the US, via Japan, China and Kuwait, the Spirito di Milano is recognized as an international experience.

Bread, pizza, focaccia, pastries: today as in the past, Princi products are handmade by artfully trained bakers and pastry chefs.

Water, organic flour, mother yeast. Hands, time, fire.

del Pane

Passion, respect for tradition and selected raw materials. These are the ingredients of a success that has lasted for forty years.

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Baking Princi Milano bread
Our values

The quality of a product is closely linked to the know-how of those who make it. Princi bakers and pastry chefs are passionate artisans who cherish the value of tradition.

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Spirito di

Princi is an all-day experience. In the stores, flavors, shapes and colors alternate starting from breakfast. An invitation to come back for lunch, a snack and for aperitivo.

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