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L'Artigiano del Pane

Passion, respect for tradition and selected raw materials.

Artisanal quality:
the essence of a story

Princi‘s story is an adventure that has grown over time. In the mid-80s, Rocco Princi moved to Milan from a small village in the Calabria region of Southern Italy, and, with a luggage full of dreams and artisanal know-how, he managed to open his first shop in Piazzale Istria.

In 1986, after only one year, his bread reached Via Speronari, just a few meters away from Piazza Duomo, the beating heart of the city. That bakery, which would soon become a landmark for quality lovers, is still the core of Princi‘s production.

Rocco Princi checks the doughs before baking
Freshly baked Princi bread
Today, Princi is an international experience. Thousands of people, from the US to Japan, from China to Kuwait, choose it every day for the goodness of its products.
Freshly baked Princi focaccia

Photo: Starbucks Roastery

Thanks to its premium quality, Princi could initiate international exclusive partnerships such as the one signed with the Starbucks Roastery – premium roasters of the American coffee giant – and with the new Starbucks Reserves.

From Milan to world capitals: the expansion continues with the same attention and commitment to noble craftsmanship.

The value
of tradition

A genuine bread, uncompromisingly made as it once was.

Princi is the story of a boy who used to go to the shared oven of the village to bake his bread with respect, with emotion. He brought that same oven to a big city, and every time he bakes bread, he relives that same emotion, the same sense of sharing.

The baking ritual is an art that Rocco has also passed on to his sons – Pietro and Ettore. Every day, along with him, they are witnesses to the original value of craftsmanship.

Rocco Princi lights up the wood oven in Via Speronari
"I built the same oven I learned to bake bread in when I was a child. Artfully made bread has a unique natural essence: simplicity."
Rocco Princi
Princi bread, leavening in baskets

Creativity and Innovation: unique qualities

Creativity and a constant wish for innovation have led Rocco Princi to try new styles and anticipate trends, standing out in a competitive and ever-changing industry. In the early 2000s, in a dynamic environment like that of Milan, he launched the 24-hour bakery concept with freshly baked bread, brioches and pizza for morning people and night owls.

High-quality products combined with in-store experience are part of the brand’s essence since the beginning. With Princi, the bakery becomes a place to enjoy from breakfast to aperitivo. This goes hand in hand with constant research for new flavors. Simplicity remains at the core of it all as a typical trait of the biggest achievement.

A Rocco Princi” is a special dedication by Italian poetess Alda Merini. Words that capture the essence of an artisan baker and represent his values.
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