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Cookie Policy

The following policy, regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies on the website (“Site”), is provided to the user in compliance with European and Italian legislation regarding the processing of personal data and electronic communications. The processing of personal data is carried out by Bakery Princi S.r.l. (hereinafter the “Company”), Via Speronari No. 6, 20123 – Milan (MI), Tax Code and VAT No. 12125380159, and entered with the Companies’ Register of Milan – Monza Brianza – Lodi under No. MI – 1530153, which acts as Data Controller.

What are Cookies
Cookies are small text files that sites visited by the user send and store on his/her computer or mobile device, only to be transmitted back to the same sites on the next visit.

It is precisely because of cookies that the Site remembers the user’s actions and preferences (such as, for example, login information, chosen language, etc.) so that they do not have to be indicated again when the user returns to said site or brows from one page to another of it. Cookies, therefore, are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring, and storage of information regarding the activities of users accessing a site and may also contain a unique identifier code that allows tracking of the user’s browsing within the site itself for statistical or advertising purposes. In the course of browsing a site, the user may receive on his/her computer or mobile device also cookies from sites or web servers other than the one he/she is visiting (third-party cookies). Some operations could not be accomplished without the use of cookies, which in some cases are therefore technically necessary for the very operation of the Site.

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, and these can remain on the user’s computer or mobile device for different periods of time: session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed; persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s equipment until a predetermined expiration date.

Under current regulations, express user consent is not always required for the use of cookies. Specifically, technical cookies do not require such consent, as they are indispensable for the operation of the site or necessary to perform activities requested by the user.

For functionality cookies, used to enable specific features of the Site and a set of selected criteria (e.g., language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered; analytical cookies, including third-party cookies, which allow us to understand how the Site is used by the user; advertising cookies, i.e., those aimed at creating profiles related to the user and used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of browsing the Web, prior consent of the user is required.

What cookies are used by the Site
In addition to the types of cookies indicated above, used for its operation and the provision of services on it, to understand and improve the user’s browsing experience, as well as to send advertisements in line with the user’s preferences expressed in the context of web browsing, the Site uses other types of cookies. We can divide the various types of cookies into:

Functional cookies, analytical cookies, and advertising cookies are activated and used by the Site only in case of prior consent to such use by the user. Third-party cookies, i.e. cookies from sites or web servers other than,  are also used for purposes specific to those third parties.

How to enable or disable cookies
The user can authorize, block or delete (in whole or in part) cookies through the specific functions of his or her browser: in the event that all or some of the cookies (technical or functional, including those of any third parties) are disabled, it is possible that the Site may not be accessible or that some services or certain functions of the Site may not be available or may not function properly and/or the user may be forced to change or manually enter some information or preferences each time he or she visits the Site. For details on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through his/her browsing browser, the user can consult the relevant instructions. Below are links to cookie settings for major browsers:

Internet Explorer

Further information
More information and details on the various types of cookies, how they work and their characteristics can be found at the operator-independent and open-access site, For information on the processing of personal data by Bakery Princi S.r.l. through the Site, see the appropriate Privacy Policy.

Last update: June 7, 2022