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Our values

The value of handcrafted products by artfully trained artisans.

“Bread has no secrets: nothing but water, mother yeast, salt and organic flour. It takes its time.”

The wood oven

Princi bread follows the rhythms of tradition. The oven, fueled by beech wood, is a key ingredient in giving unmistakable fragrance and scent, while its refractory stones allow for delicate baking. The taste is thus connected with a true sensory experience.

Bread is produced by following a slow fermentation with natural leavening, a process that gives it unique characteristics.

Princi products are made with selected high-quality ingredients that meet precise composition criteria and nutritional values, in addition to remaining faithful to tradition.

The use of mother yeast and organic, strictly stone-ground flours represent a key choice for Princi since the beginning.

The importance of acting as a team

All over the world, Princi products are handmade by artfully trained bakers and pastry chefs. Sharing professional knowledge and skills is priceless: from learning the gestures to understanding the processes, from dough preparation up to baking.

Being surrounded by people who are passionate about their job has been a fundamental value for Princi since 1986.


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The need to maintain high quality standards is the same for the whole Princi production, from pizza to pastries.

Everything is made with the same artisanal care and the same philosophy: uncompromising quality.

Beyond bread
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