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Spirito di Milano

An experience that lasts from breakfast to aperitivo.
Lunch at the Princi Milano store in Piazza XXV Aprile
All-Day Experience

Bread, pizzas and brioches are baked at all hours, 7 days a week. Princi is for many an unmissable stop for an after-work drink or a weekend brunch. An experience that represents the essence of the Spirito di Milano.


The famous stylized wheat ears, which form the brand identity, are immediately recognizable in the city streets: on the packaging of take-away pizzas or breakfasts, and even on the paper bag of freshly purchased bread.

Breakfast at Princi: croissant, orange juice and coffee
Cocktail making and mixology at the Princi Milano store in Piazza XXV Aprile

“When I arrived in Milan, I was immediately captured by its dynamism. It was love at the first sight.”

Princi and design

A distinctive feature of the brand.

The historic bakery of Via Speronari in Milan was designed by Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin, who created a space full of character where the combination of matter and symbols play a leading role.

Behind the Via Speronari lab window, bread artisans offer to all customers a daily performance. Right here, today as in 1986, Rocco Princi continues to work with his team of bakers.

The beech wood on display, the oven, the flour sacks, the tools of the trade. Just as it was in the bakeries of the older times.


The atmosphere of the Princi stores

The Milanese store of Piazza XXV Aprile – a project by Antonio Citterio – is another example of Princi‘s focus on design. A refined yet informal atmosphere infuses the store and the long tables inspire all-day-long conviviality and socializing. Here, the customer can experience every moment of the activities, from pizza making to the baking of brioches, up to the cooking of tasty dishes served at lunch.


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